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Shadow Workshop

What is shadow work?

Shadow work is one of the fundamentals of personal growth, healing and personal transformation. Also known as inner child healing, shadow work engages our personal “dark side”, parts of our personality we’ve compartmentalized and deemed unworthy of being seen by others. 


Psychologist, Carl Jung, who is widely recognized as developing the concept of “the shadow” is often quoted as saying, “How can I be substantial if I do not cast a shadow? I must have a dark side if I am to be whole.” 


During this workshop, we will explore the dark parts of ourselves we have suppressed, chosen to keep hidden and unpack the ways we’ve vaulted these qualities. We’ll also explore how our shadow sides are currently affecting our lives.  



Why is it important?

The shadow self can be found at the root of many mental health issues like depression and anxiety, as many of us find ourselves wrestling with parts of ourselves we fight to keep hidden. If our shadow goes unchecked, we learn to resent and hate these parts of ourselves, which impacts our view of self and can affect how we treat others in our lives.

How does this workshop work?

Each 2 hour workshop will be held live on Fridays via zoom. Join us for the live call or watch the recording which will be available within 24-hours, so you can participate without attending the live class.


The workshop is interactive and yes, there will be weekly challenges shared via email and posted in the facebook group.  There will also be 30 days of writing prompts so you will need a dedicated notebook, journal or drawing pad. You will recieve your first challenge when you register. You will also be invited to a private Discord group to be connected community for the month.

What are tools?

The tools for this course are the prompts, activities, challenges, exercises used during this workshop.


You will be able to self-direct your own exploration during the course in a facilitated safe place and have all of these tools to use again and again if and when you desire to go deeper.


The Shadow Work Workshop is  scheduled for February 10 – March 3, 2023

Time:    Day TBD based on participant survey 

Cost: Your investment for this workshop is  $250 USD

(Downloadable course work included + lifetime access to the recorded sessions)

Register for the Shadow Work Workshop